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Marriages are made in heaven. Are we right? Then, why do they fail on earth? Have you ever wondered what could be the reason behind it? If not, we want to tell you something right off the bat. See the way the level of education, employment opportunities, financial independence, global reach, and social exposure are upsurging. They are not just bringing good news but bad ones too. Yes. It is great to know that they are helping develop your country, but what about your personal life? Is your personal life taking a hit due to the investment of a large amount of time in your professional area? If yes, it is the main reason people separate even after establishing a marital relationship. So, the question comes, how to deal with your marital problems? Well, an astrologer in North York is a relevant answer.

Relationship astrologer in North York

Yes. Only when you keep in touch with them will you know what needs to be done to keep you and your spouse together for a long time. What else? The way people have become educated and achieved financial freedom using their skills and talents also contributes a lot to estrangement issues. Because everyone thinks, why should they follow the instructions of their better half if they can meet their different types of requirements on their own? And this is why they find it a breeze to distance themselves from their current life partner instead of adjusting and saving their marital relationship through remedies or solutions delivered by a No 1 Astrologer in North York.

But do you know what? The fellows making fall apart related decisions without a second thought do not know one thing. But what? They need to stay in a marital bond to gain an emotional balance. A life partner could be a person in your life who can make you feel:

  1. Happy 
  2. Content
  3. Loved 

All at the same time. But living a joyful married life can be possible only when you are ready to make significant changes in your life and strike a balance with your wife or husband, and that’s where a Reputed Indian Astrologer in North York can help. Now, let’s imbibe:

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    How To Solve Your Marital Relationship Problems Using Astrology?

    According to Astro Vishnu Dev Ji, there are several indications in the natal chart or astrological chart of natives that indicate possible troubles in one’s married life. Some planets are widely famous for creating various types of disturbances in most married couples’ lives, such as:

    1. Sun
    2. Mars
    3. Saturn 
    4. Rahu
    5. Ketu

    These Malefic Celestial Objects Are Fraught With:

    1. High amount of energy
    2. Restlessness 
    3. Impatience
    4. Enthusiasm
    5. Negative emotions 
    6. Excitement


    Thus, these heavenly bodies, along with their influence, leave no stone unturned in making the life of the concerned individual a living hell. If any of the planets mentioned above is placed in an unfavourable position in your birth chart, the Best Online Astrologer in North York says it will hamper your thinking and differentiating power between right and wrong things in your life. 


    In some cases, it has also been seen that the fellows become so much influenced by the effects of the above-discussed planets that they lose their sense of morality to a great extent. Resultantly, some bad planets ruin the married life of hundreds of thousands of folks.

    maritial problem astrologer in north york

    Now, do you know which planet or celestial objects do maximum harm to a married person? Well, it is Mars. Yes. It is the most dominant player among all heavenly objects that ensures to spoil the married life of a person big time if it is present in an incorrect position in their horoscope or Kundali. However, you will be shocked to know that an Indian astrologer near me says that Mars doesn’t perform all the dangerous tasks alone. Yes. It requires the support of other heavenly objects to complete the destruction job. 

    For instance, Mars develops Mangal Dosha in someone’s birth chart only after ensuring its presence in specific houses. Be mindful Mars is a soldier and therefore it wishes to win, no matter at what cost. It doesn’t hem and haw to:

    1. Argue
    2. Abuse
    3. Fight, or 
    4. Kill someone

    If it has made up its mind to win in a particular situation. Now, if you imagine these qualities in anyone’s married life, there is no chance that peace will stay in their life for too long. 

    The finest provider of  Online Astrology Consultation in North York says that a Manglik person may have a massive amount of uncontrollable energies that an average person can’t handle. Yes. Another fellow who is Manglik, too, can only deal with them. Hence, before you get hitched to your better half, it is imperative to know whether they have a Manglik Dosha in their Kundali or not. If their birth chart is filled with this particular Dosha, please meet a Top Astrologer in North York, i.e., Astro Vishnu Dev Ji to know the right path to choose ahead. 

    Now, with that finished, it is time to obtain knowledge about the next but most monumental thing, i.e., 

    couple problem solutions by astrologer

    What Is The Right Solution To Fix Marital Bond Troubles As Per A No 1 Astrologer In North York?

    The most promising method to address the birth chart faults of a person is to make them marry another person who can balance the errors in their horoscope. And it is the primary reason why a Reputed Indian Astrologer in North York suggests everyone carry out Kundali matching jobs online or offline before getting hitched to the person they like. This way, a client or customer can become aware of the possibilities of running a successful married life pretty well. 

    Believe it or not, there have been cases reported by the Best Online Astrologer in North York where a potential groom has got a suitable bride who removed all the negativities of the former’s Kundali by counterbalancing their Doshas with own’s. 

    Kindly bear in mind that Kundali matching has helped a swath of people across this globe calm Mangal Dosha in their horoscope, which is harmful to marital happiness. Beyond all this, an Indian astrologer near me recommends that if you perform specific Karma corrections based on the instruction of a qualified soothsayer, the odds are high that it will draw marital happiness to your personal life.

    End Thoughts

    So, if you liked this content piece as much as we did, you must consider booking your next appointment with a reputed provider of Online Astrology consultations in North York. Then, if that is the case, we suggest keeping all your questions and concerns associated with your married life ready to discuss with Astro Vishnu Dev Ji before you get the opportunity to have a conversation with them. This way, you can direct the session in the direction you like and obtain the responses that will bring off contentment and wear off negativity from your life.